Balanced Divorce Solutions
Fair Financial Solutions, In Uncertain Times

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts are financial professionals who have graduated from The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. They complete training on financial issues specific to divorce. They are required to remain current in their education regarding matters of divorce, finance and taxation.

A CDFA™ can become your personal expert financial advocate or act as a neutral consultant to couples.

A CDFA™ can evaluate a financial proposal and project how the proposal will impact an individual's financial stability in the future.
A CDFA™ assessment will show you how different division of marital assets will affect your future.

A CDFA™ can help you to:

  • Calculate child and spousal support
  • Determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of proposed divorce settlements 
  • Divide pension and retirement assets
  • Explain tax and insurance issues
  • Examine bankruptcy, debt, and credit issues
  • Review claimed assets and expenses
  • Understand Personal vs. Marital property 

We can help you achieve the fairest, most financially equitable divorce settlement possible.

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