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Knowledge is power, but, ignorance is not bliss

When contemplating or in the process of a divorce, your financial well-being and uncertainty about the future often causes tremendous stress. It is important to completely understand your financial situation before, during, and after divorce. 

Understanding the full reality of your situation can give you a sense of control over your life. With accurate information you will be able to make informed decisions. 

Your financial picture can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Income
  • Expenses

Knowing what they are, although they may change, is extremely important.

Divorce is very personal and emotions often run high. If you are not prepared you will be more likely to make decisions based on emotion, decisions that will significantly affect your life for many years to come. 

Once you sign a settlement agreement, you must live with the outcome. 

How to be informed:

In order to negotiate a divorce agreement successfully, it is frequently necessary to hire a team of professionals to guide you. In addition to an attorney and perhaps a mental health professional, you may wish to hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). 


As a CDFA, we can take the offer that is on the table and project out up to 20 years so that you will know what you'll have to live on if you sign the proposed agreement. If the projections reflect that you're going to run out of money after only a few years, you will need to renegotiate your agreement. That is why is it is so important to meet with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst before you sign your agreement. If this advice comes too late for you, a meeting is stil worthwhile. We can help with that short and long-term financial planning. 


Divorce Options

There are a number of approaches that can be used to settle a divorce. The most common methods are listed below. Click any icon to learn more.

Legal Separation

Separated by law, but still legally married.

Pro Se

A couple filing for divorce without lawyers.


An independent, impartial third party helps couples mke important decisions about several issues such as future parenting arrangements, child support, property distribution and property division.


A team approach where each side has an attorney and the couple has access to mental health therapists and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts.


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